Okay, so now that you have decided to build a deck, what is your plan to make it last longer? I remember asking this question a long time ago but my brother, who was a novice just like me, didn’t know the proper answer. Instead, the answer he gave did more harm than good.

I learned my lessons the hard way. A deck I had spent so much time and money on to construct unexpectedly collapsed. But there’s good news; those mistakes were an eye-opener for me.

The last deck I constructed was done with galvanized carriage bolts and I couldn’t be happier with the results, but I didn’t know using only carriage bolts isn’t ideal for deck construction. Let me share tips from the unfortunate incident—how a deck I thought was well-built fell apart before my very eyes. I hope you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes if you are planning to embark on a similar construction project.

Quality Materials For Deck Construction Are Nonnegotiable

A deck can transform your home and make it look more attractive when built correctly, but the quality of the material makes a big difference in how much enjoyment you’ll get from enhancement. If you don’t have the right stock, then you’ll want to postpone the project until you have succeeded in gathering the right material.

The design of your deck is essential to its integrity, but just as, if not more important, is using the right material. Chances are, you can’t put together a deck made from the leftover stock in your garage and expect everything to work out fine.

If you want something that’s durable and safe for your family and friends, then choose the right materials. Also, if the connections are not fastened appropriately, you’re running the risk of your deck collapsing under ordinary use. That’s why choosing the right screws, bolts, and fasteners are essential.

Things To Consider When Building A Deck

It’s unfortunate that my first deck collapsed, but that was before I knew about BACO carriage bolts. The advice and quality of the components they delivered were helpful. In addition to the tips from BACO, the following information is vital for anyone planning to construct a deck.

  •  Don’t use stainless carriage bolts on deck attachments, most especially on the guardrail posts. Reason being that the connection will eventually weaken as the wood shrinks.
  •   If the wood boards you’re using are pressure treated, try to use galvanized screws.
  •   Lag bolts are the best option for connecting a deck’s ledger boards to the home, as they are attached directly to the studs.
  •   Always check to ensure each of the connections is intact.


Carriage bolts have a square shank on the base of their head, making them great when dealing with wooden material, but the lag bolt is considered ideal for fastening connections in decks. HDG carriage bolts are more suitable for building children’s play equipment or swing sets rather than decks.