The Advantages of Having Tummy Tuck There are a lot of people struggling with bulging tummies and some have tried diet and exercise to get it toned and flat but to no avail, but there is an effective cosmetic procedure called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in which the weak muscles are tightened and loose skin and fat removed from the tummy so that it gives you an improvement in your abdominal tone which appears flat and toned. This procedure is commonly associated with “after pregnancy makeovers” that allows women to restore their figures and for those who has undergone an extreme weight loss in a short period of time. You see, once the muscles are over stretched for a period of time, mending it back to its usual condition is beyond the bounds of diet and exercise. Tummy tuck is not simply for cosmetic reasons because there are actually a lot of benefits that can be gain with this procedure. One of the benefits of tummy tuck is that it is able to correct stress urinary (SUI) or bladder control problem where a woman after pregnancy or an aging person is not able to control urine leakages when one coughs, sneezes, lifts weights or exercises, and when one laughs since it puts pressure or stress on the bladder. In most cases SUI is treated without surgery especially to patients that have not had a C-section. Tummy tuck, aside from tightening abdominal muscles and loose skin on the abdomen, can also help tighten the soft tissues supporting the pelvic floor, the bladder and urethra. The person who undergoes this procedure benefits from having the tissues kept closed, preventing bladder leakages.
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Another medical benefit that one can gain after a tummy tuck treatment is correcting Ventral Hernia. This condition occurs when the intestines or abdominal tissues break through the abdominal wall and forms into a cavity or pouch when the abdominal walls are weakened. With tummy tuck, the weakened abdominal muscles are corrected, thus relieving pressure on the skin and tightening the tissues, so that the pouches are repaired back to its normal place and is prevented from occurring again.
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Many people think that tummy tuck is an easy procedure since it is not very common and becoming very popular to many. But, it is important to note that tummy tuck is a major operations which takes from one to five hours in the operating room. In fact, the doctors have to put you in an unconscious and unresponsive state by applying general anesthesia while they remove the large amount of fat in your belly, disconnecting the skin from the underlying tissue. And a full recovery can take several weeks.