There are many great cities in the world, including Rome, Paris and London, but for many well-traveled people, there’s really no place that can compete with New York. New York has long been a place that has offered a wealth of cultural attractions and business opportunities. New York is one of the oldest and indeed greatest cities in the United States, and in fact it served as the capital of the United States in the days before Washington DC was created. All of this makes this a place of great history to go along with its many other entertainment and cultural attractions.

The Lure of a Great City

There’s no question that this great city offers a lot to those who visit here and who choose to live here full time. The major problem with New York (along with its noise, density and intensity) right now is the ever-increasing cost of living, which is being driven up by the sky-high rents here. Many people live in tiny apartments (some close to closet size!) in order to deal with the high rents. Still, this city offers so much, for many people, it’s an even trade off, which is why some people go to great lengths to make this city work as a home and as a place to have a career.

For those who are self-employed, there are a few strategies that can be used to make this city work as a home base. People who have a home-based businessman write off their rent as a business expense, and then use outside resources like shipping fulfillment services in new york city to keep a business humming. Mailbox centers in the city can be used to take care of a variety of tasks, like fulfillment as well as copying and notary services, which can make it possible to work at home in a smaller space.

There’s no question that New York is a great city that offers a lot of attractions, which is why so many people still go to such lengths to make this city their home.