There are many factors that can improve your search engine visibility. While social media can seem like a separate strand of your marketing strategy, there are several key ways in which it can boost your SEO.

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Brand Awareness

Businesses increasingly recognise that social media can complement SEO efforts. This is one of the reasons why site owners use online marketing and professional SEO services to formulate a holistic online strategy. A good example of this is brand awareness. A strong presence on social media can lead to more people searching for your business online, which means you need an effective SEO strategy in place.

Connect with Influencers

As well as reaching potential customers, social media can help you connect with key figures in your industry. Once you’ve cultivated a relationship, you can use them for input into your content, such as opinions and quotes. You can send them a link to your content and ask them to share it with their followers.

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Social Media Research

Comments and questions from social media users can help shape your content strategy. If there is a particular trending topic, you can post relevant content and use your SEO strategy to ensure it is visible in the search engine results. For example, if you’re running a coffee shop and you discern from social media that people want to know more about cold brew, you can write a post that tells them all about it! Don’t forget to share it across all your social media platforms.

Boost Your NAP Consistency

If your business is location-based, NAP (Name, Address and Phone) Consistency is an important metric when it comes to search engine ranking. One of Google’s stated aims is to provide users with accurate information. Social media recommendations and tags are an important way in which search engines can conclude your business is indeed a Leeds-based coffee shop.

Using Professional SEO Services

If you really want to make sure your social media and SEO are working for each other, it’s worth considering using Professional SEO Services. By hiring expert help, you can ensure you are getting the optimum results for your website.

As you can see, when you have a coherent strategy in place, social media and SEO can complement each other to help give you authority, promote customer engagement and increase your visibility.