Nigerian Newspapers – An Overview Nigeria is noted to be the highest news consuming nation in the African continent, as well as one of the highest in the world. Even with the proliferation of internet base news outlets in Nigeria, people there hanker for news from trustworthy newspapers; in fact, this thirst for reading could be the reason why newspapers in Nigeria have gained much momentum. Here are the line-up of newspapers that have a good following in Nigeria. Blueprint Newspaper is a regional daily newspaper which was published in Abuja, Nigeria in 2011 and has a circulation in and around the federal capital territory. It used to be just a weekly publication, but switched later on to a daily publication. Founded by Frank Aigbogun, who used to be the editor of Vanguard newspaper, Business Day is the first daily business newspaper in Nigeria. With a spread out circulation throughout Nigeria, Business Day, which began its publication in 2011, has also its circulation, as the only Nigerian newspaper with a bureau in Accra, Ghana. The newspaper Business Day is considered the leading medium for up-to-date news and insightful analysis of business, policy and the economy of Nigeria. Business Hallmark took off in March 2009 in Lagos, Nigeria and has been known as the watchdog and mouthpiece of the business community through its well-researched analysis and projections. This newspaper has a strong following, especially among Nigeria’s business communities, due to the varied information on business, policy and finance, which are also available in their website.
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Daily Trust is also a popular newspaper in Nigeria, with a wide readership, which can be attributed to covering breaking updates and news in the following news areas, such as politics, business, sports, city news, insurance, education, agriculture and many more.
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Founded by Alex Ibru, an entrepreneur, and Stanley Macebuh, a top journalist with the Daily Times newspaper in 1983, The Guardian is known as the most respected newspaper in Nigeria. The Daily Times, which has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, was one of the most successful, locally owned newspaper in Africa and had its peak in the 1970, until the paper went into decline after it was purchased by the government in 1975. The Nigerian Compass is a daily newspaper which has a weekday and weekend editions and covers current news, business, politics, and sports. Subsequently, Nigerian Compass is published as a free national newspaper in Nigeria by the newly registered Compass Free Paper Limited which is owned by Segun Oyebolu. The Daily Champion is an English language newspaper in Nigeria, published in Lagos, and covers a wide variety of news, sports, business and community events. Owned by James Bamisaye, the Daily Post is a premium online newspaper which covers current events in Nigeria and the other African countries, with its first print which was launched in March 2015 in Lagos and Abuja.