What is basically a corporate branding?

A corporate branding is a process, which has to be done by every organization. Basically branding suggests your company name, logo to be your brand for your product or service. Basic branding starts with designing an effective logo, web address, visiting cards, letterheads and also if you can spend you can advertise in Television, Media and even organize events, become a sponsor to gain popularity to your brand.

Key elements of Branding

Branding is essential because it helps you achieve your company long-term goals, you sustain customers/clients, and you create more customers/clients. These are the essentials of basic branding in detail.

Your Company Logo:

Logo is the basic graphical representation of your company ?s image. A logo can explain about the kind of quality service, quality of the product, time delivery and you can communicate whatever you want your company to be placed in the minds of your prospective buyers/clients for that you need to specially dedicate time to research on your creative logo. An ideal corporate logo should be simple and it will be a great advantage if you can create a logo that reflects your quality of service/product, time, etc. Logo is vital because it will come along with all your business cards, letterheads, and print heads and wherever you advertise your business.


Previously before a decade website has not been that popular but nowadays it is a very essential element for corporate branding. A website is in fact your remote visiting card where anybody in any part of the world can access your company profile, services, contact address, phone number etc. A proper website should be aesthetic in color, must be simple and easy to navigate and should address all the important things in the home page and finally should be a search engine optimized website.

Business Cards

Business cards are the face of your company, which gives a snippet about your services, website address, contact numbers and address. These above things have to be put on a business visiting card.


Letterhead is used to send invoices to your customer/client, it has to be created professional with good aesthetic colors, you need to put your logo, Name of your company, address of your company, contact numbers and any slogan If necessary.

If a company follows the above essential elements branding would not be a big thing to gain. But remember as you use the slogan of your company you need to stick to those words written in the slogan. Best of luck