Technology has had a huge impact in the field service industry. Today, field service technicians are equipped with all the right tools to improve their efficiency and productivity than ever before. In the field service business, mobility is key, and this is where field service management applications come in. With smartphone penetration growing by the day, engineers and technicians can be more effective in the field.


How to Choose a Field Service Management App


Ensure that you choose a field service management app that only has the features you need as a business. Give it some thought before you go ahead and make any financial commitments. Remember that an application that comes with just the right features is far more useful than one which is overloaded with unnecessary features. Here are some of the key features to consider when choosing a field service management app:

  • Scheduling and dispatch. Any business in the field service industry needs the ability to allocate resources based on skill and availability, appropriately. Scheduling and dispatch are a definitive function of any field service business thus can’t be overlooked.
  • Invoice and billing. One of the most important parts of the field service management process is the ability to create bills and invoices back at the office, on the go. For instance, if there are changes in the planned works, employees in the field need to be able to make those changes in the invoice immediately.
  • GPS tracking. GPS is a necessary feature if you want to be able to schedule your employees based on their location. It’s a great way to make sure that no time is lost in between jobs as you will be able to see if your workers are running behind schedule.
  • Offline mode. A field service application should be able to perform even when there’s no internet connection. This ensures that operations continue uninterrupted even when there is no connectivity.
  • Customer service. Before you choose a field service management app, make sure that they have a round the clock customer service team that works on the weekend. Your operations are bound to continue without any hitches.


The above features are basic, no field service management app can function without them. In reference to the effectiveness of the app, there are other things you need to consider. These are:

  • Cloud. You need to make sure that your field service management solution is cloud-based – it works better that way.
  • Integration. Check whether the app properly integrates with other software solutions you might have in your business, for instance, the CRM.
  • Scalability. Consider if your field service app is scalable. Make sure that your choice of a field service app fits your company sans the fear of the business outgrowing it.

A field service management app can be especially useful if you have an expanding workforce. Keeping track of employees — from technicians to engineers and plumbers to electricians — gets harder when the business starts to pick up. You can use any of the available process-driven mobile applications to solve operational problems in your business and improve customer satisfaction.