How to choose a VoIP service provider

If you’vemade the sensible decision to switch to VoIP, your next step is to find asuitable provider. Take your time at this stage, as providers varysignificantly, so do plenty of research into your options.


Price considerations

Many people are swayed by price when it comes to making decisions, but choosingthe cheapest VoIP provider might prove a false economy. Find out exactly whatyou get for the price. Quality is a vital factor to consider, and you might notget this if you choose the cheapest provider. That said, if you’re a smallcompany with limited needs, you probably won’t need to go for the most expensiveoption.

Experience matters

Delve into the history of a VoIP provider to find out how long they’ve been inbusiness and what level of experience they possess. Although VoIP is a growingmarket, and increasing numbers of provider are entering the scene, it’s vitalthat you choose one that’s going …


Don’t Fake the Fun this Christmas

I can’t wait for Black Friday to end so I can bring out the Christmas lights, blow up my plastic, inflatable Santa Clause and put a manger on the roof. Then, I help my folks hang tons of those fake looking, so called icicle lights and put that white coating on the tree. Nothing says Christmas like fake snow in Southern California.  When relatives visit from back East, they always get a kick out of the surfers and skate boarders crowded along the Venice Beach boardwalk.  You see lots of guys in shorts and tees with those furry Santa’s elves hats on and sunglasses to block the glare of the sun off the sand.  And who doesn’t love the parade of dogs going by with those fake antlers on their heads.  Out here, you’re as likely to smell barbeque on the grill as you are a turkey frying in the …