´╗┐Top 10 Cashback and Reward Credit Cards in India

To protect against fraud, U.S. banks will be issuing credit cards with small computer chips. But some experts say using a PIN to complete a transaction is more secure than a signature.

Having a Credit Card comes with its perks and rewards, and if you use the card often enough, you will see that the reward system can be incredibly useful. Many Credit Cards in India have some amazing cashback and rewards with them, and some of these are mentioned here. Here is a list of the best cashback Credit Cards in India.

  1. ICICI Instant Platinum Card

The bank offers this card to its first-time customers, and it allows the user to have a new credit history if it is used frequently enough. This card can be obtained from the bank if you have an FD there. The features of the card include two payback points for every 100 …

How to choose a VoIP service provider

If you’vemade the sensible decision to switch to VoIP, your next step is to find asuitable provider. Take your time at this stage, as providers varysignificantly, so do plenty of research into your options.


Price considerations

Many people are swayed by price when it comes to making decisions, but choosingthe cheapest VoIP provider might prove a false economy. Find out exactly whatyou get for the price. Quality is a vital factor to consider, and you might notget this if you choose the cheapest provider. That said, if you’re a smallcompany with limited needs, you probably won’t need to go for the most expensiveoption.

Experience matters

Delve into the history of a VoIP provider to find out how long they’ve been inbusiness and what level of experience they possess. Although VoIP is a growingmarket, and increasing numbers of provider are entering the scene, it’s vitalthat you choose one that’s going …

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Purpose of Alternative Learning Platform and Its Novel Features

More often than not, the idea of finishing studies is accompanied with the thought that it should be done in an education institution – a school, university and more, but through innovative approach, the new system called the Alternative Learning Platform, provides another path for students to tread. Believe it or not, not every kid out there can afford going to educational institutions and get their basic education done even while others can joyously deal with it, this is why through the esteemed educational organizations, the Alternative Learning platform was conceived, in order to provide a solution for such a predicament and allow all kids, with the opportunity to learn and finish their basic education.

The main reason why this Alternative Learning Platform was established in the India, is because there are multitude amount of students in its area, who cannot …

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Tips Of Creating A Convincing Brochure

A brochure is a paper that can be folded into a booklet or pamphlet and is used to introduce a company or an organization to people, it is mainly used in advertisement. Brochures are distributed in newspapers or placed in brochure racks where there are high traffic locations in order to show potential customers in the market about their benefits and what they offer. Nowadays they are available in electronic form called e -brochures which have added benefits of saving costs and having unlimited distribution compared to the traditional paper brochures. They also available in electronic format called e-brochures which have a lot of benefits because they save a lot of money.

To come up with the best brochure that is useful to your clients and will convince customers then there are procedures to follow. Have a purpose why you want to create the …

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Fun Kid-Friendly Tips for Your Wedding Ceremony

When planning for your wedding ceremony, you do not want kids to get bored.It is important to engage them in kid-friendly fun activities to keep them entertained all day long.Many people forget to include kids’ activities in their plans and only think about adults. In most cases, parents with small kids will not leave their children at home but will bring them along. Below, are secrets to a kid-friendly wedding ceremony.

Balloons should be part of the d?cor in the venue. Kids will enjoy playing with them when they are hanging on the poles of the tents. The flower girl and the bearer of rings may also carry some balloons.In addition to this, kids love playing with many multi-colored balloons when they are tied together with strings. This will surely make them happy. To add to the d?cor, consider putting some extra vials …