Why Dental Implants are the Best Replacement for Missing Teeth Although we want our teeth to last a lifetime, the reality is that it will not always happen. Man has sought to find the ideal replacement for missing teeth since tooth loss is a reality that almost everyone must face. The problem of tooth loss makes it difficult for one to eat and do normal chewing functions. Your appearance and confidence are affected if there is a missing tooth seen when you smile. Alternatives for missing teeth like removable dentures, bridges, and implants are being used today, but what makes one different from the other? One replacement is the removable denture which is also called false teeth. They are one of the oldest forms of tooth replacement available to use. There are different types of dentures. Only the gum tissues support the full complete dentures. Partial dentures are supported by a combination of gum tissues and natural teeth. Since removable dentures are uncomfortable to some, they look for other alternatives to replace missing teeth which are more fixed. Unlike natural teeth, dentures move while eating and while talking. Dental bridges are supported and joined to natural teeth. Their difference with removable dentures is that they are fixed, comfortable, and secure. These are more comfortable than removable dentures since they feel and function like natural teeth. Fixed bridges also have their disadvantages. The tooth adjacent to the dental bridge need to be reduced in thickness in preparation for the dental bridge attachment. Future problems will be experienced by this tooth that has its protective layer of enamel removed. It has been observed that these teeth prepared for brides required root canal treatment 3 years after they were prepared.
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Implants are small titanium screws that are placed into the jaw bone to replace single or multiple missing teeth. Because bone tissue has an affinity with titanium, it will fuse with titanium surface over time. This process is called Osseo-integration. For a long time now dentist are convinced that implants are the best to replace missing teeth.
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Implants look, feel and function like healthy natural teeth. Your confidence will improve since you can now smile nicely. You don’t have the feeling of having false teeth at all. The fear of falling or slipping out like dentures will be removed. They are fixed into position so there is no movement when eating or talking and speech is not affected like how dentures affect our speech. You maintain implants like you maintain natural teeth since they function the same way. You don’t have to lose your bones in your jaws with implants. You will be able to chew tougher and crunchy foods.