Natural Remedies that Will Rid Your Dog from Flees

Fleas are tiny creatures, whose main meal is mammalian blood. Through they do not fly, their strong legs help them to make large leaps from one host to another. These legs also allow them to move away quickly when they are about to be killed. On top of feeding on blood these creatures also transmit illnesses. Fleas lay numerous eggs on their host to make sure they continue to torture the creature. However, this is a problem you can do away with the following natural interventions.

Improve your Dog’s Shampoo
Many flea shampoos are in the market, and they work. Nevertheless, you can spruce up your normal dog shampoo and turn it into a flea shampoo. All you need to do is make a mixture with fresh lemon juice, about half a cup, and water measuring two cups then put this into your regular dog shampoo. This mixture should then go into a bottle. You can use the concoction while bathing your canine every week. If you have a large dog, you simply need to increase the proportions of this mixture. Once the dog is bathed, thoroughly comb their fur to ensure all fleas are bagged.

Vinegar From Apple Repels Fleas
With this technique the apple vinegar should be all the way fermented. Take water of about a quarter Lester and add a teaspoon of apple vinegar to it. Make sure the dog drinks this during the day. This makes the dog’s skin acidic and it help keep fleas and ticks away. It is not advised that you apply the vinegar directly to the dog’s skin despite it being effective for fleas. You might end up irritating some open skin. On top of this, find out your dog’s weight and consult with the vet on how much vinegar they can take safely.
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Use a Flea Collar
You can also make a flea collar for your dog. This should be a unique type of collar because you are using tea tree oil or lavender oil in the mixture. First of, you need to mix a drop of one or both oils with a teaspoon of water. After mixing, apply the mixture onto your dog’s collar to keep away fleas.
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Clean Beddings and Introduce Heat
You need to wash any kind of fabric that your dog sleeps on. When washing with a heavy-duty detergent you would be shocked at how simple getting rid of the fleas, eggs and their larvae can be. Putting the clothes in the dryer at maximum heat is a valid idea. This ensures that you get rid of any fleas, their eggs, or their larvae.