The Sports History of Soccer.

The history of modern soccer can be traced back to England in the 1800’s. A number of countries say they can trace soccer back to themselves, but we’re talking about the modern game and the guidelines associated with it. The likelihood that the game originated in ancient times is pretty high.

Another great story involves the beheading of an 8th century Prince of Denmark. The story states that the people used his head as the ball when they played the game. There were even laws passed to prevent people from playing the game because it resulted in the death of that specific individual.

Generally speaking modern soccer can be traced back to England in the 1800’s and was commonly played by wealthy individuals. Soccer then made its way to the middle class where it soon gained popularity. Soccer was soon adopted by the rest of the world and then as the years passed became its most popular sport. Many countries live and die by their soccer clubs.
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The London Football Association was founded in 1863 and formed the games rules throughout Europe. Soon after that professional teams were born and leagues formed.
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Soccer spread quickly across the world and soon it was played in the Olympics in 1900. After the Olympics the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was formed and the first World Cup competition was held in 1930. Now the World Cup is played once every four years.

In the United Stated soccer has never gained the widespread popularity of the rest of the world even though the United States Soccer Federation was formed in 1913 right after the Olympics in 1900.

Almost every country in the world calls the sport football, but in the United States they use the term soccer because there’s another sport called football that’s more popular. Soccer is becoming increasingly more popular in the US in recent years.

The sport of soccer evolved a great deal in the past century. Some of the first improvements in the game were to the ball and equipment. Now the soccer balls are made of leather instead of hand sewn wads of cloth and animal bladders.

After the invention of rubber soccer balls made of said material soon became popular. When FIFA was formed they set standards that included what type of soccer balls were to be used in regulation play. Now lighter soccer balls are used that won’t knock a player unconscious when heading the ball.

Soccer shows no signs of slowing down and is becoming increasingly more popular around the world. Begin a proud tradition and get involved in a league or watch a game.